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Thrush-XX™ Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol
(copper naphthenate)

No Mess Aerosol Thrush Treatment Aid

  • No messy drips, runs or spills, and less waste
  • Quiet, no-pump aerosol technology gives you a continuous, consistent spray
  • Spray goes ONLY where you need it
  • Contains the popular active ingredient copper naphthenate

"We loved the ease of the Thrush-XX´┐Ż Aerosol, and it's worth
the extra money for ease of application. Plus, the copper-based
product works well.

Thrush-XX´┐Ż Aerosol is very convenient to use (sprays with bottle held in any direction) and helps avoid waste or accidental runoff of product..."

The Horse Journal, September 2009 Issue

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